Sunshine Coast Children's Charter of Rights In Development

Did you know that a Sunshine Coast Children’s Charter of Rights is currently being developed? It’s true. The Sunshine Coast Children’s Charter Committee is developing a children’s charter based on the voices of our children themselves. What is a Children's Charter of Rights? Why do we need one?

Charter Training drawing.jpgWhat is a Children’s Charter of Rights?

“The rights of the child are specific rights that aim to protect all human beings younger than 18 years old.” – United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child)


Basic human rights apply to all human beings regardless of their age. However, because of their vulnerability in society, children need special, distinct rights that protect them. These rights apply no matter what the child’s ethnic origin, religion, language, culture, or sex. They have the best interest of the child at heart, and they support the right to full healthy development. Furthermore, children have a right to express themselves about their own needs. They need to be heard.

Why have a Children’s Charter of Rights?
Children’s rights ensure that all children will have an opportunity to reach their full potential.

Creating the Sunshine Coast’s very own Children’s Charter will provide a specific list of rights for our children that reflects our geographic and cultural environment. This document can then be used as a cornerstone by community partners, leaders, agencies, and government to guide decision making and planning.

Rights can only be achieved when all of us (including children) recognize that every single one of us has them.

For further information, please contact Heidy Kux-Kardos at the Sunshine Coast Early Years Council at 250-719-5188 or


The Sunshine Coast Children’s Charter Committee includes members from Sunshine Coast Early Years Council, Sunshine Coast Community Services Society, Vancouver Coastal Health, Sunshine Coast School District 46, Success by 6 program, and United Way.

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