Community Action & Engagement

Community Action and Engagement programs are all about  people helping people – nurturing connections, linking to resources, and building the support that enables our community to thrive.

Arrowhead Clubhouse

Arrowhead promotes recovery of persons with Mental Illness. Learn More

Better At Home

Better at Home helps seniors with simple day-to-day tasks, thereby helping seniors maintain their independence and stay connected with their community. Learn More

Food Bank

A dedicated team of volunteers gathers, stores and distributes food to community members in need on a weekly basis, under the guidance of our Food Security Lead. Learn More

Keeping People Housed

Keeping People Housed offers an interest-free loan to families and individuals on the Sunshine Coast who meet the eligibility requirements during a temporary and unexpected financial crisis. Learn More

Thrift Store

At the Community Services Thrift Store, you can find all sorts of gems! Learn More

Welcoming Communities

The Welcoming Communities program, with the support of funders, partnering organizations, and interested community members, assists, informs, and connects immigrants on the Sunshine Coast. Learn More