Code of Ethics

The code of Ethics has been signed by every employee of the Society.

Code Of Ethics

  1. We shall maintain the best interests of our clients as the primary professional obligation.
  2. We shall put personal safety and freedom from harm first in our decisions regarding what constitute the best interests of our clients.
  3. We shall respect the intrinsic worth of all persons we serve in our professional relationships with them.
  4. We shall act in ways that acknowledge both diversity and oppression, and promote the reduction of systemic and institutional barriers to the well being of our clients.
  5. We shall conduct our professional duties and obligations with integrity and objectivity.
  6. We shall ensure that our professional, personal, and occupational interests do not affect our judgement, our competence or our relationships with those we serve or with whom we do business.
  7. We shall protect the confidentiality of all professionally acquired information. We shall disclose such information only when required or allowed by law to do so, or when clients have consented disclosure.
  8. We shall promote services, programs, and the agency in ways that are consistent with this Code of Ethics, with agency policy, and with standards of practice outlined by the various accreditation and registration boards that govern our professions.
  9. We shall conduct our business activities truthfully, accurately and ethically in compliance with all legal requirements and the policies of the Society.
  10. We shall promote excellence and maintain competence in the delivery of services and in our professions.
  11. We shall advocate for change in the best interests of our clients and for the overall benefit of society.
  12. We shall not accept gifts, money or gratuities related to our work at Community Services with the exception of situations where to do so would be culturally insensitive. Small token gestures of appreciation are acceptable and, when in doubt, we will check with our supervisor for guidance.
  13. We shall not engage in personal fundraising or property transactions with our clients.
  14. We shall not witness documents for clients.
  15. Compliance with the Code of Ethics is a condition of employment. Any breach of the code of conduct will result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

Appeals Procedure

Clients and Families
This system is in place in the form of a Complaints / Conflict Resolution process that allows families/clients to pursue a course of action if they question the ethics involved in decision-making related to the services they receive. Refer to B IS 7 Client Rights.

This system is in place in the form of a Complaints / Conflict Resolution process that allows employees to pursue a course of action if their ethics are questioned or if they question the ethics of a co-worker. Refer to HR C5 Employee Conduct.

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