Together Against Violence

Together Against Violence programs support people whose lives have been impacted by violence and trauma. Programs provide crisis intervention, shelter, counselling, advocacy and non-judgmental emotional and practical support.

Thyme Second Stage Program

Providing housing, support, and advocacy for women and children who have experienced violence and who can benefit from additional support to rebuild their lives and connect to community. Learn More

Yew Transition House

A safe place for women of all ages and children, where your choices will be respected. Learn More

Women's Counselling

Free, confidential counselling for women who have been subjected to abuse. Learn More

Community Based Victim Services

A free, confidential support service. Learn More

Police Based Victim Services

The mission of the Police Based Victim Services is to provide victims of crime and other traumas, their family members, and witnesses, emotional support, practical assistance and appropriate referral to community resources. Our goal is to reduce further trauma associated with the victimization and to empower the victim. Learn More

Women’s Outreach Program

This free confidential service aims to increase the safety and well-being of all women who are at risk, including women of colour, First Nations women, lesbian / bi / queer women, trans women and women of differing ages and abilities. Learn More