Board of Directors - Code of Conduct

The Directors of Sunshine Coast Community Services Society commit themselves to ethical, businesslike and lawful conduct, in a manner that best serves the community, clients and stakeholders.  A Code of Conduct Declaration will be reviewed and signed by Board members upon election or appointment and annually thereafter.


  1. Directors must demonstrate loyalty to the Society’s interests by upholding its Constitution, Bylaws and governance policies, and by supporting its vision, mission, and values.
  2. Directors must ensure ethical practices are followed in the Society’s business practices, service delivery, professional responsibilities and human resources.
  3. Directors must review, sign and uphold the Oath of Office and Confidentiality Agreement, Conflict of Interest Declaration, and Code of Ethics Declaration upon election and annually thereafter.
  4.  Directors must be vigilant in monitoring the Society’s compliance with its purposes, its governance policies and its finances.
  5. Directors will exercise individual authority over the Society only as explicitly set forth in board policies.
  6. Directors must accept and support the Board’s decision regardless of personal agreement with the decision.
  7. Directors may not apply for employment with the Society.
  8. Directors will not make negative verbal, written or other assessments of the Executive Director, staff memberor the Board as a whole or individual Board members.
  9. Directors with complaints about Board functioning or Board members will refer their complaint to the President or Vice-President for resolution.
  10. Directors will not act as a spokesperson with the media, public or other entities unless authorized to do so by the President of the Board or by the Board.
  11. Directors will be informed of the Code of Conduct when they sign the Oath of Office and Confidentiality Agreement upon election or appointment.

Procedure to deal with allegations of violations of the Code of Conduct

Directors who themselves feel they may have violated the Code of Conduct will consult with the President as soon as they are aware of the violation.

If a Director hears of or observes another Director who is, or appears to be, violating the Code of Conduct, s/he will consult with the President and may advise the other Director of this action.

The President will investigate the matter, in consultation with the Executive Committee and Executive Director if necessary within 30 days.

The party to the allegation will have an opportunity to respond to the allegation.

The outcome of the investigation may include no action (allegation unfounded), training, a request for resignation or a recommendation for removal from the Board as stated in the by-laws (Article V, Section 7).

The investigation and its resolution will be recorded in writing within 90 days; the 90 days may be extended in extenuating circumstances.  All records will be stored in the secure Board filing cabinet.

If there is an allegation of violation of the Code of Conduct by the President, the Vice-President will undertake the responsibilities of the President as outlined above in this matter.