Strategic Plan

In 2016, the Board of Directors initiated a strategic planning process to set our organizational direction for the next 5 years.  Our strategic planning process engaged over 200 people including staff, volunteers, community members, businesses, government and community organizations. The process followed the principles of appreciative inquiry, focusing on the strengths and assets of Sunshine Coast Community Services and the community as a whole. 

Over 6 months we engaged in a multi-layered inquiry into what we do well, and how to prepare for the challenges facing the community in the coming years.

We are now excited to launch our Strategic Plan -Toward Sustainability, Strengthening, Honouring and Celebrating.  This plan offers a renewed Vision, Mission and Values for Sunshine Coast Community Services. The plan keeps our focus clearly on a healthy, engaged and thriving Coast and includes strategic directions that detail how we intend to build on our strengths, create capacity for innovation and foster financial resilience.  View the full strategic plan (PDF).

Sunshine Coast Strategic Plan Graphic