Sunshine Coast Blues U13 female hockey team supports Building Together project

Thank you, Sunshine Coast Blues U13 female hockey team! Building community together was very much on display this February, as the Sunshine Coast Blues U13 Female Hockey Team applied for the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup grant.

We are so proud of our fantastic hockey heroes! The girls created a 60-second video displaying the actions they will take to raise funds to “raise awareness of the affordable housing shortage in our community, and to donate food and clothes to families in need”. The team chose Sunshine Coast Community Services Society Building Together project as the recipient of the $100,000 grant if they were selected. Regional finalists were announced on February 13th and although the team did not make the finals, they have done a fantastic job helping raise awareness about the need for affordable housing on the Coast and our Building Together project - that makes them winners to us! Thank you team, the future looks brighter with you on our side!

You can watch the team video here on the Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey Association’s Facebook page.

No good deed is ever wasted, so if you would like to give your U13 team's vote to one of the other worthwhile programs that made the regional finals, please do so at the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup website.


The Sunshine Coast Blues U13 Female hockey team have nominated Building Together as the recipients of a $100,000 grant if they win the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup Grant. Pictured here are manager, Paul Bezaire (left) and team player, Cadence Stelter (right). Photo by Kori Hudrick.