SCCSS receives 5th successful CARF Accreditation

SCCSS are pleased to announce that we have officially received our 5th successful accreditation.

CARF International is an independent, non-profit accreditor of health and human services organizations globally. As an organization serving our local communities, Sunshine Coast Community Services (SCCSS) is committed to improving the quality of the lives of the people we serve. We see accreditation as a valuable process to ensure that we offer the highest quality of service. Every three years, SCCSS goes through an in-depth on-site accreditation process that applies CARF’s internationally recognized standards to our work during a three-day site visit led by peer surveyors.

Achieving CARF accreditation entails reviewing over 2,500 CARF standards and providing evidence that we have met these standards satisfactorily through our daily practices and supporting documentation. In March 2021, despite COVID protocol challenges, we once again welcomed the opportunity to have an external group of peer surveyors review our programs, this time through a rigorous online process. At the end of the three days, the CARF surveyors were well prepared to give feedback about our strengths and identify areas for quality improvement. 

We are proud of the results and even prouder to share what our clients and surveyors had to say about our work:

“Across the board, clients spoke about being cared for by SCCSS, feeling that the organization promotes a very healthy lifestyle for them, and being aware that staff members go above and beyond for them in every way."
“SCCSS is committed to being a person-centred organization whose service delivery practices and business functions are implemented in full conformance to the CARF standards.”
“The strong leadership of SCCSS embraces its vision, mission and values.  Staff members demonstrate an exceptional level of commitment to the clients, the organization and the betterment of the community served.”
“SCCSS is commended for taking immediate action the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that the needs of the personnel and clients could continue to be met.”
“SCCSS prioritizes the provision of a safe environment for the staff members and clients at all times.”
“Parents referred to the supports they received as being very productive and extremely helpful.  They state that the staff members are easy to work with, do an awesome job and are the cream of the crop. They described SCCSS as great and staff members as helpful, easy to work with and resourceful.”
“Funders and referral sources were complimentary regarding SCCSS they described the organization as being well-connected to clients and their families, and they characterized communication with the organization as timely and effective.”


We are delighted to share this feedback with our community and want to take this opportunity to thank all who participated in the accreditation process. Our commitment to you is to provide the best possible services to the Sunshine Coast Community.

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