Early Planning Stages for Community Services Centre with Affordable Housing for Women

Sunshine Coast Community Services Society has a vision to provide affordable housing and community services together in one location where people can be engaged, active and supported in a warm and welcoming environment. SCCSS is now seeking proposals from Housing Development Consultant firms to provide project management and development consultant services to our non-profit society. VIEW FULL REQUEST

The proposed development will embrace a mix of women, including single women, women and children, single women who are older, and young women who are aging out of care; creating a community of women and families who have similar life experiences such as struggles with homelessness, poverty and experiences of violence and/or abuse.

Our vision will bring the majority of SCCSS programs located in Sechelt to one main location; reducing barriers to service and increasing opportunities for individuals and families.

On May 29, 2018, SCCSS hosted an open house to receive feedback on our vision. Thirty-four community members attended and filled out surveys, sharing their thoughts on the proposed redevelopment.  Here are just a few of the comments we heard:

"We desperately need to meet a wide range of critical housing needs on the Sunshine Coast and this project would meet an important one."

"All in one location – really like the kitchen to use to make soups and such out of aging produce for foodbank; and canning community overages of fruit etc."

"All Sechelt services in one place; expanded space for food security issues / community gardens; flexible multi-purpose spaces; much needed housing to target groups – efficient use of property."

Attendees inquired about the exterior look of the redevelopment and the position of the community gardens. These are two of many areas still being developed out.

We will post future open houses, events and information on this website and on our social media platforms.

Going forward, here are a few ways to stay informed on the process and support this initiative:

  • Stay informed by signing up for our e-newsletter
  • Attend future consultations on this project
  • Share your support for this project with your neighbours
  • Email or write your district councillors, your MLA, Nicholas Simons and your MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones indicating your support for this project
  • Email or write a letter of support for this project c/o SCCSS affordable housing


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