Keeping People Housed - Carl's story

Carl Pendleton has a new lease on life. He’s on the other side of leukemia and a life-saving bone marrow transplant for which he had a thirty per cent chance of survival. Here's his story...

In December 2018, Carl was referred to our Keeping People Housed program by Home Care Services. By the time he came to our door, he was behind in rent and utility bills, had an eviction notice in his hand and was facing the real possibility of being homeless.

The Coordinator of Keeping People Housed, Andrea Hobbs, welcomed him and over time they developed a trusting relationship that made Carl feel safe enough to share his story. Andrea gained an understanding of all of his needs and working together, they made sure he had the support and resources needed to stabilize his housing and his life. Hope was returning.

Andrea connected Carl to available medical and travel subsidies, provided him with a zero-interest loan to cover his rent and utility arrears, and connected him to other local supports. This loan and support stabilized his housing and provided him with enough income and other resources to cover his basic needs.

The best news for Carl is that he is in remission and has been able to secure a part-time job to augment his disability benefits. His income is stable, and he has fully repaid his $1,300 loan, making him the first client of the Sunshine Coast Community Services Society’s rent bank to do so. He accomplished that by making $55 monthly payments over 24 months.

You can read Carl's full story on the BC Rent Bank website.




Keeping People Housed is a loan program that helps members of the community with unexpected and temporary crises. The program is made possible thanks to Sunshine Coast Credit Union, the Co-Operators, Sunshine Coast Community Services and BC Rent Bank.