Foye Hatton wins CSSEA 2023 Leader Award!

Program Lead at Arrowhead Clubhouse, Sunshine Coast Community Services Society, wins CSSEA 2023 Leader Award

The CSSEA has announced this year’s Community Social Services Awards of Excellence recipients. Now in their eighth year, this awards initiative continues to recognize individuals at various stages of their careers who have made outstanding contributions to the social services sector. With much pride and excitement we would like to congratulate, Foye Hatton, on winning the CSSEA 2023 Leader Award!

Ask anyone at Arrowhead Clubhouse about Foye Hatton and they will likely speak about him with a glow in their eyes. The beloved Program Lead has been a familiar face and support system to 250 individuals who call the space a second home. The Clubhouse is a safe place where individuals living with mental illness can learn skills, receive support and build relationships. Though Foye’s role is to oversee day-to-day operations and lead a team of six, he will routinely perform any task required of him, whether it involves cleaning a bathroom, cooking a meal, mentoring staff or having difficult conversations. Foye has been a constant figure during the highs and lows at Arrowhead Clubhouse, having organized memorial services for 22 members who passed away during his six-year tenure, and also planning a wedding for two members who met at the clubhouse and fell in love. Foye was also instrumental in introducing the larger Sunshine Coast community to the Clubhouse through initiatives that include personally recruiting volunteers to provide free haircuts, massages, dental work and job search expertise. His commitment to interfacing with the community has been instrumental in eroding the stigma that people living with mental illness often face.

This award is well deserved.  Congratulations, Foye!