Beyond the "Status Quo": Women on the Coast

The Together Against Violence programs of Sunshine Coast Community Services (SCCSS) hosted an amazing event as part of International Women's Day on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at Chatelech Secondary School.

The by donation event featured a screening of parts of the film "Status Quo" highlighting a range of women’s stories, challenges and triumphs.

The evening started off with inspirational words from the SCCSS Executive Director, Catherine Leach.

The first film selection focused on the creation and current status of transition houses. Denise Woodley, manager of Together Against Violence, spoke about the the two transition houses on the coast, Yew Transition Houses and Thyme Second Stage House, and the challenges unique to the Sunshine Coast.

The second selection focused on the struggles of childcare and how it impacts women across Canada. Heidy Kux-Kardos, coordinator of Success By Six, discussed the struggles facing women and parents on the Sunshine Coast and how future legistlature may impact childcare.

The event was well attended and Sunshine Coast Community Services Society is looking to add more informative events in the future. We wish to offer a special thank you to the BUGS for providing reception music prior to the event.


The Together Against Violence programs support people whose lives have been impacted by violence and trauma. Programs provide crisis intervention, shelter, counselling, advocacy and non-judgemental emotional and practical support. For more information on the programs, please click here.

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In 2017, 462 women impacted by violence and trauma were provided with support by
SCCSS's Together Against Violence programs.