Welcoming Communities

Program Update

SCCSS has been operating the Welcoming Communities Program since 2015, under a contact with Capilano University. With the 5 year contract coming to an end, Capilano University has made the decision not to renew the contract with SCCSS and will be making arrangements for another organization to operate the program.

We are grateful for the hard work and dedication our staff have put into the program during that time. The Welcoming Communities program is a much needed resource on the Sunshine Coast creating a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for immigrants and newcomers. It is a program that is aligned with so much of the work we do and how we support and engage our community, we are sad to see it go.

To reach the Outreach and Settlement Worker Virginia Perez, please email welcomingcommunities@outlook.com

Any further enquiries about the Welcoming Communities program can be directed to:

Trudi Diening Instructor, Program Manager, Literacy Outreach Coordinator

Tel: 604-885-9310 ext. 5928

If you have any further questions about this transition or responding to the community please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you,


Carey Rumba

Program Manager Community Action and Engagement

Email: crumba@sccss.ca

Tel: 604-865-0268