Youth In Transition

This program helps youth to develop skills for transitioning to adulthood and independent living with confidence and success.

When youth are discharged from care, usually at age 19, they are not always emotionally, educationally or financially ready.

Among the life skills that youth will learn is the ability to obtain and maintain housing, often a challenge due to the lack of suitable housing, and the unwillingness of landlords to rent to young tenants.

Youth get help to learn independent living skills while they work towards their need for a permanent family connection. Studies have shown that this two-pronged approach is more likely to help youth achieve self-sufficiency.

Contact Sunshine Coast Community Services directly to register for this program. Referrals are required through MCFD.  The program is free and confidential.

Youth Advisors will meet with youth at their school or at a location of their choice. Visits can also be arranged by appointment through the program contact at our Gibsons and Sechelt offices.

Through one-to-one counselling as well as group work, youth get help to meet a number of goals:

  • practice life skills in “real world” situations;
  • build connections with an appropriate adult;
  • identify a mentor, whether a relative or staff member, who can provide on-going support after discharge from care;
  • work through their relationships with their family of origin before discharge;
  • expand life skills training, and long-term academic planning towards post-secondary education;
  • completion of a high school degree or GED for those youth who are struggling at school and who do not want to pursue post-secondary education.

Program Contact Information

Jen Davey, Youth and Special Services Lead

This program is offered as an outreach service. Counsellors will meet with youth in their homes or at a location of choice. Visits can also be arranged by appointment at the Community Services 5638 Inlet Avenue Office in Sechelt. Get Directions