The program was created to provide the community with the opportunities to assist children with special needs to participate in active living. 

Children and youth living on the Sunshine Coast are able to participate in recreational activities with assistance of subsidized fees, special adaptive equipment or specialized teaching to learn new skills. Grants are available for training parents and caregivers to help children successfully participate. Kids in Motion has made therapeutic riding and other recreational opportunities accessible for many children and youth living on the Sunshine Coast.

Funding for Kids in Motion comes entirely from donations and fund-raising.

The program is available to families living on the Sunshine Coast from Langdale to Egmont. Families may self-refer and referrals are accepted from the community with parent’s permission.

There is no cost to families. There may be wait times for service based on funding and number of children accessing services.

Call our main office at 604-885-5881 to find out more information and see how you can access the Kids In Motion program. 

There are a variety of other services that offer funding support to access recreational activities:

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This is an outreach service that is provided on an ongoing basis. Contact Sunshine Coast Community Services to learn more.