Indigenous Families Pulling Together

Our goal is to instill strength, identity, beliefs and values in the Indigenous children & youth involved in our programs. Empowering them to be proud of their heritage, by helping them better understand their culture.

Indigenous Families Pulling Together’s goal is to provide cultural “building blocks” for First Nations families; incorporating Indigenous crafts, arts, and creativity; and creating learning opportunities for caregivers to support cultural practice at home.

By providing accessibility to foster parents, it helps Indigenous children & youth in foster care and their foster families, better understand the child’s Indigenous roots.

As many Indigenous children in care come from different Indigenous Nations in North America, this program is sensitive and respectful to those differences and similarities. Furthermore, respect and sensitivity will always be given to the residing host nations of Shishalh and Squamish, as Indigenous Protocol requires.

What to Expect

By attending our weekly groups you can enhance your knowledge of native culture.  For a list of group dates, please contact the program coordinator.

How to Take Part

This program is accessible by referral only, from Ministry of Children and Family Development or by other affiliated organizations.  For more information on how you can take part, please contact the program coordinator.

Program Contact Information

Lorelei Baker, Program Coordinator


604-865-0356 (cell)