A Warm Thank You from Sunshine Coast Food Bank

The Sunshine Coast Food Bank's Food Security Lead, Norm Blair, offers a warm thank you for the community's support and donations that offered nourishment that goes beyond the food we provide.

Are you prepared to handle a crisis that brings sudden changes?

As the Food Security Lead at Sunshine Coast Food Bank, one of thirty-five programs offered by Sunshine Coast Community Services Society, I am humbled by the program participants who share their personal lives with me. Every week, my heart breaks and swells because of the unique situations that bring people to the Food Bank for support and nourishment.

Recently, a man in his 50s fell to the ground while grocery shopping. He woke the next day after surgery to remove an undiagnosed tumor from behind his eye. The man went from working day to day to being on disability for the rest of his life in a moment.

This man’s story is just one of many we hear weekly at the Food Bank. From April to December in 2018, the Food Bank received over 40,000 pounds of food and more than $50,000 in financial donations. In our space at 5657 Lamprey Lane in Sechelt, we serve an average of 140 households weekly with 219 household in one week as our highest. For the holidays, we were able to offer a broad selection of seasonal food, including turkeys or hams, to the Food Bank participants to assist their food budget and help make the season merry and bright.

On the behalf of our participants, I would like to offer a huge thank you for your support and donations to the Sunshine Coast Food Bank in 2018. Your contributions make a difference in people’s lives on the Coast every day. Nourishment goes beyond the food we provide on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It comes from the heart and support of our volunteers, staff and you.

We would like to highlight four recreational groups that have supported the Sunshine Coast Food Bank, including: Sunshine Coast Dirt Bike Association, Sunshine Coast ATV Club, Sunshine Coast Sledders and Sunshine Coast Off Road Club for their recent generous cash donation of $915.

Sunshine Coast Food Bank distributes food every Tuesday (11am – 1pm) and Wednesday (11am – 1pm & 4:30pm – 6:30pm). To sign-up for the program, visit the Sunshine Coast Food Bank at 5657 Lamprey Avenue, Sechelt during food distribution hours.

For those wishing to donate, drop off food at the Food Bank Monday through Thursday, 8am – 2pm. If you wish to make an online donation, CLICK HERE.

Sunshine Coast Food Bank is one of 35 programs offered by Sunshine Coast Community Services Society (SCCSS), the largest nonprofit on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve been working to make our community stronger, safer and more resilient since 1974.


-- From Norm Blair, Food Security Lead of SCCSS Sunshine Coast Food Bank