Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy Services provides intervention to support children (birth to school entry) to develop skills necessary to participate as independently as possible in everyday activities.

Activities include:

  • Self-care activities such as feeding, dressing, grooming, toileting and sleeping.
  • Activities that contribute to a child’s productivity including fine motor skills such as pre-printing skills, drawing, cutting, manipulating objects and the ability to attend to and participate in daycare and school activities.
  • Play, which is a child's primary occupation. It is through play that a child develops new skills. A child may demonstrate difficulty with play skills such as using toys appropriately, interacting with others, or displaying problem behaviors.  

Some problems that may contribute to functional limitations in these areas include: fine motor difficulties; visual processing difficulties; sensory processing issues - difficulty organizing sensory information to help make sense of the world around us. 

What To Expect

Formal or informal assessment is done to more clearly define concerns. Intervention includes working in partnership with families and caregivers so that treatment strategies can be integrated into the child's daily routines. Therapy includes the use of adaptive activities that are developmentally appropriate and of interest to the child. Recommendations and support may be provided with regards to provision of adaptive equipment such as splints and specialized seating.

How To Take Part

Anyone can refer to occupational therapy services including the family, social services agencies, physicians, any other professionals, daycare and preschool providers. The family must be aware of the referral and a referral form must be completed.

Program Contact Information

Melanie Miller, Occupational Therapist

The Sechelt Early Years Centre

5538 Shorncliffe Ave

Sechelt, BC, V0N 3A3