Community Dialogue Generates Housing Questions

 On Thursday, September 20, over 70 Sunshine Coast residents generated tough questions for upcoming All Candidates meetings in a Community Dialogue on Housing at Roberts Creek Hall as part of the Local Government and Housing series. Download the questions and election toolkit.

SCCSS Local Government and Housing Series 2018

 On Thursday, September 20, over 70 Sunshine Coast residents participated in a Community Dialogue on Housing at Roberts Creek Hall as part of the Local Government and Housing series to ensure housing on the coast is addressed in this year’s municipal elections.

The event hosted by Sunshine Coast Community Services, Sunshine Coast Community Foundation, Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society, One Straw Society and Gibsons Public Market, in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, brought members of the community together to discuss housing issues in their neighborhood and develop questions to be asked at upcoming all candidates meetings.

Attendees heard presentations on the impact of housing on personal and social health from Dr. Geoff McKee, MD/MPH of Vancouver Coastal Health and the municipality’s role in housing presented by Vicki Morris, former housing planner City of Vancouver.

The main theme that emerged from the community discussions centered on zoning, education about housing and how to encourage developers to create diverse and affordable housing. Some key questions developed for candidates during the election process included: What role does innovation play in solving the housing crisis; Whose job is it to provide affordable housing; Are you willing to work together with the other local governments; Does the District of Sechelt have a land acquisition plan; and Would you pursue provincial crown land contributions?

For a complete list of the questions generated from the Community Dialogue on Housing, CLICK HERE.

Next week, the Local Government and Housing series will hold two all candidates meetings with a focus on housing in Sechelt and Gibsons to give candidates a chance to share their vision of coastal housing and answer questions from the community. Both meetings will have a casual reception following the meeting to give members of the community time to chat with the candidates and enjoy refreshments.

The District of Sechelt All Candidates Meeting will be at the Sechelt Indian Band Hall on Tuesday, October 2 from 6pm to 8pm.

The Town of Gibsons All Candidates Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 4 from 6pm – 8pm at the Gibsons Public Market (473 Gower Point Road).




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